Strange Corners
This series is a BALS fic.  (Buffy/Angel/Lindsey/Spike)  It's set in alternate BTVS season 6, AtS season 3.
Buffy didn't die.  Lindsey didn't beat it out of L.A.  Angel didn't turn into dork Angel and start frollicking in the sunshine.
This series was started to christen Shayla's yahoo list "balsage" which centers around this pairing.
If you're interested in it, please join us.

Strange Corners (B/L)
The story begins.  A stranger shows up to help Buffy.  He does.  Lust, angst, and faux bloodplay ensue.

Chapter 2  (B/L)
Buffy heads to L.A. with Spike in tow.  She finds Lindsey.  Angel lurks.  Mild D/s, voyerurism.

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