Unexpected Turns
by indie

I’ve seen a lot of things in my unlife that other demons can only dream about.  Why this is, I couldn’t begin to tell ya, that’s something for that candyass Angel to brood about.  Me, I just take it as it comes.  And boy does it come.

After the flamin’ poof poked the Slayer and ended up losing his soul, I was actually happy to see my nasty fucker of a Sire again ... for a while.  That sensation wore off real quick.  I’m pretty sure the honeymoon ended right about the time he shoved Dru to her knees and made her suck him off in front of me about ten minutes after our reunion.


Given a history like the one I had with Angelus I wasn’t exactly tingly with anticipation when he summoned me to his bedroom.  He hadn’t done it very often, at least not in our latest familial incarnation.  He wasn’t into having sex with invalids, complained they didn’t fight back hard enough.  Sick fuck.  I wasn’t about to enlighten him to the fact that I wasn’t completely an invalid anymore.  My cock worked and my legs ... a bit.

Anyway, I took my damn sweet time wheelin’ my ass into the fucker’s bedroom.  I was fully expecting to find Dru tied spread eagle to that damn massive bed of his while he made her scream in pain and pleasure, blood splattered everywhere.  Dru complained that I never hurt her enough.  I’m pretty damn sure she never complained about that to her ‘daddy’.

I opened the door and saw him lounging in a chair bare chested, wearing that damned bored expression of his that is usually a direct prelude to someone dying a nasty, painful death.  I was about ready to ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing summoning me anywhere when it hit me.  The smell.  He wasn’t alone.  I could have died on the spot when I saw what he was really doing.

Or whom rather.

For the first time in my god forsaken existence, I was actually rendered speechless.  I don’t mean metaphorically either, I couldn’t bloody talk.  Don’t think Angelus didn’t pick up on that little tidbit.  He just grinned like the insane bastard he is.

Now kiddies I’d like to be able to say that walking ... er ... rolling into my Sire’s bedroom and finding some pretty young thing lying face down on the bed crying her eyes out as she prayed for a swift death was a rare occurrence, but well, it wasn’t.  Not by a long shot.  Usually happened three or four times a week, so that particular sordid detail wasn’t what had stuffed my gob.

The explanation for my speechlessness was two fold.  First off, he had a Slayer in his bedroom.  That would have been enough to set me off all by itself.  Vamps kill Slayers, they don’t invite them into their lairs and bedrooms for a friendly cocktail and a shag.  I, myself, have gotten close to and killed two Slayers and believe you me that was one heady fucking rush.  The power rolling off those bitches is unbelievable.  Just being around them is a constant adrenaline spike, no pun intended.  You couldn’t relax, even if you tried.  The idea that Angelus had actually succeeded in getting one, a live one mind you, into his bedroom was beyond the realm of possibilities.  But even that, I could almost believe.

The one that really kept my gums from flapping was that though her eyes were screwed shut and there were very real tears of fear and loathing making their merry way down her rosy red cheeks, she was there willingly.  *Very* willingly.  The smell of her dripping cunt was completely overpowering.  She was laying there on that damn red velvet comforter of his begging to be fucked, though not in so many words.  She didn’t need words.  We were all basically animals, she smelled like a bitch in heat and no male in the vicinity could ignore an invitation to rut.  Especially Angelus, who usually didn’t even bother to wait for an invite.

My prick of a Sire made sure I’d had enough time to inhale every unmistakable nuance of how ready she was before he made a move.  I have to give him credit.  If I’d been in his place, I am pretty fucking sure I wouldn’t have been able to wait for one of my lame childer to meander in just so I could have an audience.  But then again, Angelus always worked best with spectators.  He didn’t disappoint this time either.  He could have shown Ron fucking Jeremy a thing or two about performing on command.  And just between you and me, Angelus was a might easier on the eyes.  Never been much into body hair.

I got one last smirk before he turned his attention back to the frightened and confused girl.  Slowly, he rose from the chair and stalked over to the bed, crawling onto it until he was crouched on all fours directly over her trembling body.

“Buffy,” he whispered with a wicked laugh.

I watched, shocked into silence again as he shifted his weight on his arms and moved one hand to run up the inside of those damn perfectly tanned legs of hers.  As usual, she was wearing something completely unsuitable for hunting vamps.  It would, however, do quite nicely for being fucked silly by one.  It was this tight little black miniskirt with a little pink sweater, this perfect combination of slut and school girl that Buffy was so adept at pulling off without looking cheap.  I’m not saying she didn’t look like a whore, she just didn’t look like a *cheap* whore.  I, for one, respect the talent of a well trained professional.

As he worked his way up the inside of her thigh, she instinctively opened her legs wider, giving him better access.  If I had needed to breathe, I would have been screwed.  Not as screwed as Buffy, but damn close.  With this little growl of approval, Angelus moved so he was kneeling between her thighs.  He looked at me with this smirk like he did this every day.  Have I ever mentioned what a conceited fuck he is?  Or how much I hate him?  Or how much I would have fucking killed to be in his place at that very moment?  Of course, he knew that.  All of it.  That’s why he was letting me watch in the first place.

He grabbed the hem of that little black skirt in his big stupid fighting Irish fists and pushed it up over that luscious ass of hers.  Holy Christ!  Any doubt about whether or not my cock was working would have been settled right there.  I was so fucking hard that anybody who threw a glance anywhere near my general direction would have noticed my massive fucking boner.

She was wearing this little black nothing of a thong.  Drusilla, slut that she is, tends to be much more conservative with her undergarments.  She’s into lots of frilly white lace and layers.  Lots of layers.  There is *definitely* something to be said for flimsy black simplicity.  But I digress.  Did I mention that even her ass is as golden brown as her beautifully spread legs?  All of it.  Don’t even try and tell me that bitch doesn’t tan in the nude.  What I wouldn’t give to be her beach towel.

Anyway, I was sitting there green with envy and nursing a fucking hard on like I hadn’t had in months while Angelus leaned forward and bit down on that damn perfect ass of hers.  Jesus!  It’s a good thing I was having trouble vocalizing or *I* would have moaned.  Buffy didn’t make a peep, she just … wiggled.  Fuck.  That was twice as delicious.  Angelus just kind of snickered as he licked his bite - not that it had broken the skin - and wormed two of his fingers under her thong and into her dripping cunt.

He didn’t work on her like I was expecting, he just pulled them right back out and held them up to me as if I didn’t know what quim juice looked like.  Fucker.  He winked at me before he licked them clean.  Two seconds after I’d done it, I realized I’d licked my lips too.  Shit!  Luckily, he wasn’t paying too much attention to me.  With a little purr, he moved to crouch over her again, this time, rubbing his leather encased groin into her ass.

The Slayer flinched, and screwed her eyes shut just a little tighter.  I almost felt sorry for the bint.  Almost.  I couldn’t help but lick my lips again as he leaned forward and ran his tongue along the back of her neck.  The bitch actually whimpered.  At this point, I was looking around for a cock ring to keep from creaming my pants right there.  Angelus cocked an eyebrow at my obvious response to the show he was putting on.

“Getting better, are we, Will?” he asked, grinning evilly.

At the sound of him talking to someone else, the Slayer’s eyes shot open and she stared straight at me, looking like a frightened deer.  How exactly had she not noticed me enter the room?  Must have been that she was just so damn distracted by what was goin’ on in her head to notice much of anything.  As it was, she looked ready to bolt.  I could smell the terror coming off of her, feel her body getting ready to spring into action.  So could Angelus.  Everyone was getting nervous.

Luckily, the prick decided to take control of the situation before it got out of hand.  Good thing too, cuz I didn’t fancy trying to get the hell out of the way of a rabbiting Slayer.  He put one of those damn meaty paws of his in the middle of her back and pushed her down into the mattress, hard.

“Calm down Princess,” he whispered into her ear.  “Will here is just going to watch.”

She levered herself onto her side so she could look at him and her expression was one of total fucking disbelief.  I can’t believe girls can be so fucking stupid sometimes.  She knew he was a demon, one of the nastiest to ever blight the earth, and she’s shocked that he’s his own little self propelled kink fest?.  Whatever.  She obviously had no idea just how many shades of sick motherfucker her beloved ex could be.  Unfortunately, she was about to find out the, er, hard way.  I crack myself up sometimes.

At least, I knew that was what was going to happen, so I kicked back to enjoy the ride.  Little Buffy acted like she had a choice in the matter.  Right.  She moved to sit up on the bed, pushing away his hand so she could beat a hasty retreat.  The smack took her completely off guard, though once again, I don’t know why.  You’d have thought she’d be expecting it.  He didn’t hit her hard, at least not as hard as he could have.  It was more of a warning that he was capable of hurting her and that he wouldn’t hesitate to do it.

You could actually see it the second the realization hit her.  She wasn’t getting out of this unscathed.  What did she think?  She could just drop by the mansion and have Angel make sweet love to her?  Probably.  That wasn’t what was going to happen.  She was about to be fucked by his demon while an audience watched - and hopefully participated if I had any say in the matter.  Not that I *did* have any say in the matter ...

Now, don’t get me wrong.  She’s the Slayer.  True, Angelus had killed a few in the past, but it wasn’t like he was the Master or anything.  She’s one nasty bitch.  If she’d wanted to, she could have gotten out of there.  However, she knew as well as I did that she’d have to kill him to do it, and apparently she wasn’t ready for that.  She just sank back down into the mattress while he grinned.

With a growl, he flipped her over on her back, pinning her wrists above her head.  You could see the muscles in her arms tense, like she was getting ready for a fight, but she never made a move.  He sat there long enough to be sure that she was going to play nice and then dipped his head for a kiss.  Damn if that fucker can’t kiss, and give head too.  Christ, he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.  Not that he was ever the giving type.  I’d get some head like that right before he beat me half to death for kicks.  Bastard.

Anyway poor little Fluffy couldn’t do anything but lie there and take it, or rather be taken.  He nipped at her lips, coaxing her mouth open so he could suck on her tongue.  The wet smacking sound of those two snogging was unbelievable.  A couple minutes of that, and Angelus didn’t even have to hold her down anymore.  He let go of her hands and damn if the little whore didn’t wrap them around his neck, pulling him even closer.  I’ll admit, the bitch has balls.

Finally, he pulls back, holding her head between his hands while he kissed and licked the rest of her face.  I never got that.  Sometimes he’s just fucking peculiar.  Why the hell would you want to lick a bird’s face?  Her cunt, sure I can see that, her mouth even, but … like … her cheeks?  Fucking weirdo.  That’s not even nasty, it’s just … strange.  Remind me to tell you about his collection of ancient fertility dolls sometime.  What the hell does a dead guy need with fertility dolls?  Odd duck, my Sire.  Anyway, after Fergus O’Licker over there got done with the Slayer tongue bath, he looked at me.  Damn if it didn’t make my cock jump at the thought.

“Come here,” he drawled.

I was out of that fucking chair and on that bed in half a second.  Which, in retrospect, really wasn’t the smartest move on my part.  He’d obviously figured out that I wasn’t near as incapacitated as I’d been playing.  Thankfully, at the moment, he was too bleedin’ horny to give a shit if I’d been lying or not.  After he’d shagged his brains out, however, it would be an issue.  At that particular moment, I didn’t care.  All I was worried about was the hot human pussy lying on the bed not half a foot from me.

Unfortunately, Fluffy didn’t seem too happy to see me.  She latched on to one of Angelus’ arms for dear life, like he was going to protect her or something.  Hello!  He was the one who orchestrated the whole perverse scenario.  Protect her?  I think not.  She’d be lucky if she didn’t end up in a ditch with her throat slit, the last kinky hour of her life being sold on the snuff porn market by Mr. Protector himself.  But, for whatever reason, Angelus decided to humor her.  He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her again until she forgot all about being upset by my presence.

The fucker moved half off of her, so that the Slayer was sort of positioned between the two of us.  Granted, he was still monging away on her mouth, doing a damn good job of distracting her, but he’d given me access to her body.  I didn’t waste a second running my hands over those beautiful fucking tits of hers.  Sweet Christ, they’re wonderful.  As I tweaked one of her nipples, she let out this little moan, pushing herself against my hand.  Apparently liking where I was headed, Angelus assisted and in short order we had Buffy bare from the waist up.  Given that all she had on from the waist down was a thong, her skirt long since pushed up so it looked more like a belt, she was quite the sight.

All of a sudden she went still, realizing just how naked she was, and that I had joined the little party.  However, she’d chosen the exact moment that I buried my fingers in her short and curlies to notice me.  I couldn’t stop, I just stroked her hard little nub while she watched me.  Her expression changed from horror to longing as her head fell back against the bed, her legs parting a little wider as she arched against my fingers.  I couldn’t help myself, I buried my face in her sopping cunt and licked her for all I was worth.

Just let me clue you in on one thing.  I am fucking fantastic at eating pussy.  A bloke doesn’t live with a female consort like I did with Dru for more than a century without learning a thing or two about gettin’ a girl off with your tongue.  Buffy was screeching through her first climax before I’d even thought of coming up for air.  I would have been content to sit there for a long while more, but The Fucker was getting impatient.  He pushed me out of the way, kneeling between the Slayer’s trembling legs as he shoved those damn leather pants of his down around his thighs and slammed into her.  Some girls might have taken offense at that.  Slutty didn’t seem to mind.  I’ll give the Slayer credit, she just wrapped her hot little legs around his hips and held on for the ride.  Have I mentioned what a good ride The Sick Fucker is?  Asshole.

I just sat there, watching the muscles in his back cord as he rammed into her tight heat.  Fuck if he isn’t a beautiful piece of meat.  That damn tattoo seems to come alive when he flexes like that, pumping into a partner.  He didn’t even flinch as Buffy dug her fingernails into his upper arms hard enough to draw blood.  The scent only inflamed him more, and me too.  I couldn’t help myself.  I leaned forward and licked the Slayer’s fingers where they were biting into his flesh.  Nothing like the taste of Sireblood mixed with the scent of sex - which, by the way  was damn overpowering at this point.  We all reeked of each other.

‘Bout this time, Buffy let out this little whimpering sound and arched against him for all she was worth.  Her muscles flexed so hard that the only parts of that hot little body of hers that were still on the bed were her head and shoulders.  Angelus’ eyes screwed shut as he pumped into her and then his head fell back as his deafening roar joined her dainty little squeak of release.  I watched as his hips continued to piston into her, delivering his dead seed as deep inside her body as possible.  Funny how some male behavior is just universal despite the fact that the bodies are dead.

It was amazing watching them, listening to them, smelling them, but mostly, I was overwhelmed by the realization that I was the only one who hadn’t come.  It was not a pleasant moment for me.  By this time I was getting damned uncomfortable in my Levi’s.

When he recovered, Angelus looked at me with hooded eyes.  “I suppose you want to come,” he drawled.

Fuck yes I want to come you overbearing prick, I wanted to yell.  Instead I dropped my eyes and meekly said, “Yes, Sire.”

That seemed to please him and he motioned for me to take off my clothes.  I was bare assed in two seconds.  Pulling out of Buffy, he laid on the far side of her, once again positioning her between us.  She was sleepy and not paying much attention at all, except to whimper at the loss of him.  He rolled her onto her side, facing him and coaxed one of her legs over his hip, opening her wide.

He nodded for me to curl up against her back.  I didn’t waste any time wrapping myself around her and burying my cock inside her heat.  She jumped a little at my entrance, her head falling back against my shoulder.  I’d expected her to protest when she realized what was going on, but instead, she thrust back against me.  For whatever reason, Angelus growled in approval and did her the favor of playing with her clit while I stroked in and out of her body.  It was all too much.  It had been years since I’d fucked a human.  Her heat, combined with the knowledge that she was a Slayer, and my Master’s mate, set me off.  As I started to go, Angelus pinched her clit, and she joined me in release.

Long minutes later, both she and I became aware of Angelus watching us.  A quick glance solved the dilemma of what had him so unhappy.  He was hard again, the head of his cock already beaded with precum.  Apparently he’d enjoyed the little show Fluffy and I put on.  While I was still trying to figure out what to do, the Slayer shocked me by taking the initiative.  Without letting me slip from her tight little pussy, she maneuvered her upper body down far enough to allow her to take his cock into her mouth.

Boy if she didn’t suck cock like a pro.  She took him in one long stroke, her red lips tightly suctioned around his girth.  Now listen to me, Angelus is a fucker and a bastard and an all around prick, but that boy is *hung*.  You can’t take a cock like that without a lot of practice.  Guess maybe Angel wasn’t the tight assed gentleman I’d always taken him for if his girlfriend could give head like that.

I watched as he rolled completely onto his back, allowing her to please him.  One of her tiny little hands came up to play with his sack, gently rolling his balls as her head bobbed on his sizable length.  He didn’t bother guiding her, but he used one hand to idly caress her face, pushing her hair out of the way, so he could have the full view as she sucked him off.

As her pussy clenched around my cock, I realized that I was still buried inside her, and damned if I wasn’t hard as iron again from watching her give my Sire a blow job.  I thrust against her and she moaned around his cock, increasing the force of her suction.  Angelus hissed in appreciation.  We went on like that for a good long while, all of us thrusting and licking, moaning and sucking until we all came together in one big gooey nasty mess.  It was wonderful.

We were all too fucking spent to worry about the whole vamp/Slayer, Sire/Childe thing.  As Angelus wrapped that stupid fruity velvet comforter of his around us, we all just snuggled in together and drifted off to sleep.

Remind me to tell you some time what happened when we woke up.


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