Making the Rent
by tango and indie
Part 3

Angel managed to get Buffy home before attacking her like a hormonally imbalanced schoolboy, but it was difficult.  She had agreed to be his lover and just the thought of her warm little body in his bed every night made his groin tighten with anticipation.  He had waited more years for her than he was willing to admit and now she was his.  Finally.

She didn't seem to realize how obsessed he was with her, which was a really, really good thing.  In fact, she seemed to think that he was doing her a favor.  That struck him as funny.  If she asked him to rip off one of his arms, he would have gladly done so and handed it to her.  He always had a fantasy of Buffy living a pampered life off of his money and now he was closer than ever to reaching his goal.  The thought sent a wave of happiness through him.  With other women, he tried to fend them off and often wondered if it was him or his money that they wanted.  Now he told himself he didn't care.  He promised himself that he wasn't taking advantage of her money problems to get her into his bed.  He was helping.

Yeah.  Uh-huh.  Sure.

Either way, she was there looking out of his penthouse living room window, her fingers resting lightly on the window sill on either side of her hips.  He walked over and stood behind her, sweeping her hair aside before placing kisses just behind her ear and making his way down, nibbling and licking the soft flesh.  She released a breathy moan and leaned back against him but he knew she was nervous.  He took the opportunity to thread his arms around her waist and pulled her even closer.

A thousand dizzying images rushed through his mind as he guided her through the apartment to his bedroom.  Images of Buffy cradling him between her firm thighs as he moved in and out of her...on her knees before him, taking him into her mouth, her blonde hair streaming down her naked back as she pleasured him...her legs over his shoulders as she orgasmed against his lips....  He wanted it all tonight and then again tomorrow night.

He had a swift moment of guilt.  She was Wesley's baby sister.  She was like family.  But as she turned around and looked at him, there was nothing familial about the way she licked her lips and reached for him.  My gods he wanted her.

They stepped inside the threshold of his darkened bedroom and Angel paused.  He didn't know if he was going too fast.  As far as he knew, Buffy never had a serious boyfriend, but that information was courtesy of Wes.  How likely would it be for a teenage girl to tell her older brother she was sleeping with some guy?  Very much not.  Angel didn't like that idea, but it wasn't enough to taint her in his mind.  He wanted Buffy in whatever way he could have her.  And even if she had taken other lovers, none of them could possibly know her the way he knew her.  They shared a history.  They were part of each other's lives for as long as they could both remember.  Angel smiled.

"What?" Buffy asked warily.

"Nothing," he said, "just thinking."

"Bout what?"

"That I've never had a relationship like this before," he said quietly.

Buffy's heart caught at his use of the word "relationship".  He was actually serious about this.  It made her feel warm down to her toes.  She took a breath, her tongue venturing out to wet her lips. "Like what?" she asked breathlessly.

Angel shrugged, suddenly uncomfortable.  He was a player and he knew that Buffy was probably aware of his less than admirable reputation.  But if he wanted to put that behind him, he had to own up to the truth.  "I don't have to explain things to you," he said seriously.

Buffy laughed lightly.  "If you'd stop dating those bimbos - "

He silenced her with a kiss.  He started to pull away, but her lips tasted too good.  He pushed her against the doorframe, his fingers biting into her hips as his tongue traced her lips, her tongue.   When he finally pulled away, they were both panting breathlessly.  "Trust me," he said, "I'm done dating bimbos."

She looked up at him through her lashes and a wicked smile lit her lips.  "Good," she said with a tone of undeniable satisfaction.  She splayed her hand across his chest, tracing the outline of his body through the material of his shirt.  "What don't you have to explain?" she asked.

He looked away, at a loss for how to explain it without sounding like a chump.  "Me," he said, frowning.  "Things."

Buffy knew what he meant.  Angel was the dark horse, the mystery man that captured women's attention through his aloof behavior, his seemingly untouchable manner.  She doubted that any of his lovers had a glimpse of the real him, of his vulnerable nature.  None of them knew that his parents had been killed when he was very young and that his exclusive private school education had been paid for by a trust fund.  None of them knew how horrible a patient he was when he was sick, complaining incessantly as you tried to spoon chicken noodle soup down him.  None of his bimbos had seen the side of Angel she knew - the side that wore the horrid green sweater her mother had given him three Christmases ago rather than insult a woman he respected deeply.

Buffy hadn't been friends with any of Angel's former lovers, but having been completely enamored of him for years, she had watched him closely.  On the rare occasions when she was at the same social function as her brother and Angel, she had kept close tabs.  She knew how he dealt with women. She had seen him be charming and alluring, but always elusive.  He played games and he kept his lovers at an emotional arm's length.  He wouldn't be able to do that with her and they both knew that.  It was a heady rush.

"I want you, Buffy," he said hoarsely, pulling her more tightly against him.  "If you want to wait, then please tell me now."

"I'm...I'm ready," she whispered back, trying to keep her voice steady, but it wasn't possible.  She had wanted him for so long and it always felt like an unattainable goal, a dream of a teenage girl in love with her brother's best friend.  Just the idea of having sex with him, of doing more than what had happened in his arms that morning was dizzying.  Giving her virginity to him, have him touch and feel what no one else ever had...and hopefully never would.  Any second she was going to wake up and find she was sitting in a classroom somewhere.  She was sure of it.

Angel breathed a sigh that seemed mixed with lust and relief before bending down and kissing her again.  He threaded his fingers through her silky golden hair, nipping at her lips and steering her back into the bedroom at the same time.  There was an almost irresistible urge to rip her flimsy shirt away like crepe paper as he gorged himself on the taste of her, backing her towards his bed.  Even as the thought crossed his mind, he knew he wouldn't do it.  Unlike the women he usually slept with, Buffy was new and uncertain.  Her blushing cheeks and trembling lips didn't match with the fire in her passionate and enthusiastic response to his kiss.  The mixture was intoxicating.

She backed along with him and helped him undress her.  Time seemed to speed up and slow down at the same time, leaving blurs for how her clothing disappeared, how his were lying on the floor on top of hers.  His erection prodding against her belly should have alarmed her but it didn't.  She wanted him for longer than she could remember.  He was largely the reason she was still a virgin.  No other man worked up the same kind of passion, the same drugged intensity.

The same luxurious black silk sheets were trapped beneath her as she laid back on the bed.  She wiggled across them, noting that Angel followed her every inch of the way, and automatically opened her thighs to cradle his hips.  She mewled in pleasure and partial fear as his tongue swirled hot and wet along her neck to her collar bone before he made his way to her breasts.  Even before he sucked one of her erect nipples into his mouth, her stomach was already clenching with desire in concert with her sex.  One of his hands slipped between her thighs and she bucked back, taking a sharp breath in surprise as one, then two fingers slipped into her silken depths.

Angel groaned at the heat of her, the lush wetness.  Gods, she felt just like he knew she would, hot and wet and decadent.  He explored the feel of her slowly, his long fingers gently edging deeper into her body.  She was liquid and willing, but even those factors couldn't disguise the telling snugness of her fit.  He shifted his hand, plumbing deeper into her fluid depths and felt the unmistakable resistance of her virginity.  He moaned her name against her flesh, his cock growing even harder at the knowledge that she hadn't shared her body with another man.

He once again caught her lips in a frantic, needy kiss.  He couldn't have stopped now if his life depended on it.  His erection was hard and insistent against her thigh and she shifted uncomfortably, trying to draw him nearer, needing him to assuage her hunger as only he could do.  He made a sound that was halfway between a chuckle and a groan as he broke the kiss, pushing himself up on his elbows.

"Angel," she said in a breathy, plaintive tone that shot straight to his groin.

"One second, baby," he said, fumbling blindly for his nightstand.  He got the drawer open and was rooting through the junk, searching for what he needed.  Buffy took the opportunity to kiss her way up his neck, her blunt little teeth biting down teasingly.  His eyes nearly rolled back in his head and he momentarily forgot his quest.  As her legs tightened around his waist, drawing him nearer, the head of his cock began to slip inside her body.  He wanted nothing more than to bury himself inside her, but managed to retain control.  With a growl, he pulled back and redoubled his efforts with the nightstand, nearly crying with relief when his fingers finally closed around the condom.

He held it in one hand, tearing it open with his teeth.  He shifted his weight onto one hip, twisting his body so he could quickly roll on the latex sheath.

"Oh," Buffy chirped.

Angel knew that she had completely forgotten about protection.  "Best to be safe," he murmured against her lips before kissing her once again.

She met his kiss with wild abandon, offering herself up to him.  And this time, he did not deny himself.  He plundered her mouth as he positioned himself between her thighs.  She rolled her hips, doing her best to accommodate him.  It wasn't easy.  He was very big and she was very small, but they were nothing if not determined.  In short moments - that still seemed like an eternity to them - he was seated completely inside her body.  They both shuddered at the sensation, fingers biting into flesh, tongues tangling in an effort to get even closer.

He hissed her name as he pulled back and then slowly pushed forward again.  Her back bowed, her heels pressing against his ass, urging him harder, faster, deeper.  He would have chuckled at her enthusiasm if her internal muscles hadn't been clamping around his cock in a manner so delicious it made him want to weep.  His mind told him he should be gentle with her, that she was untried and might not know what was best.  His body didn't give a flip about gentle, he only knew that she was urging him on and he wanted nothing more than to lose himself in her.

He thrust harder, his hips slapping against hers.  She keened, her fingernails clawing into his back, spurring him on more.  He slipped one hand between their bodies, the pad of his thumb rubbing her hard little nub in time with his thrusts.  Her breath caught in her throat and he could feel the tremors begin.  Her sheath fluttered around his cock, forcing his own orgasm.  With a cry, he slammed against her two final times, spending himself.

He moved away only long enough to dispose of the condom and then she was back in his arms.  He pressed gentle kisses to her face, the tip of her nose, her eyelids.  He whispered her name in the tone of voice reserved for religious litany.


Buffy woke for the second time to a comfortable bed, silk sheets, sunshine and the feel of a warm body against hers.  Mmmm.something was very different this morning than there had been the previous day.  Stretching like a spoiled cat, she would have purred if she could have, but instead she blinked open her eyes and looked down her body at Angel.

The smile he gave her was enough to turn her insides into molten mush, but she couldn't focus on that when he was fitting himself so comfortably between her thighs.  She could feel his breath against her skin and his hands sliding over her flesh.  Languorously, he shifted her legs further apart and continued his quest to taste every inch of her body.

Angel's smile was definitely chocked full of lust and happiness.  He had been waiting for at least an hour for her to wake up, which was strange to say the least.  He never woke up without the benefit of an alarm clock, unless the woman in his bed woke him or Wesley came over.  This morning however, it was as if his body knew that the warm, petite frame against his was not the usual garden variety of tramp that had been parading in and out of his bed for years.  No, the only girl he had ever really wanted and knew he couldn't have - that was who was in his bed.

He had gone from watching her sleep to slowly tracing out the perfect lines of her body with his eyes, then his hands and finally, when he couldn't resist one more moment, his mouth.  Triumphantly, he parted her with his thumbs and relished in his first taste of her.  "Morning," he rumbled against her, his voice rough and hoarse from sleep.

Buffy gasped as his tongue teased her, reaching the most sensitive places and pulling away just when she was ready to beg for more.  His movements were slow and unhurried.  The man was like honey running slowly across her flesh.  It took a few minutes to realize that the sounds of pleasure echoing across the room were coming from her.

"An.gel," she managed to pant out.  She couldn't believe what was happening.  Yesterday, she thought she would be out on the street and today she was in bed with Angel, having sex with Angel.  Gods, she was having oral sex with Angel.  Moaning in pleasure and knowing the happiness was evident on her face, she rolled her hips, threaded her fingers through his hair and rode out her first orgasm of the day.


"What about this one?"

Angel smiled, wrapping his arms around Buffy's waist and pulling her back against his chest.  "Whatever you want," he said with a smile.

Looking at the clerk, Buffy nodded.  "We'll take this one," she said.  She watched as the clerk hurried off to get the Christmas tree bundled up for them and ready to take home.

Tree Mission accomplished, Angel turned and pulled Buffy with him over to his SUV.  He backed her against the side of the vehicle, standing directly in front of her.  She giggled as he dipped his head to catch her lips in a kiss.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she returned the kiss enthusiastically.  He eventually pulled away, looking down at her.  "Are you really happy?" he asked quietly.

Her smile nearly knocked him off his feet.  "I'm perfect," she assured him.

His expression sobered and he took a deep breath.  "We're going to have to tell them," he said.  "It's been months, Buffy."

She sighed, looking away.  "I know," she admitted.  They both knew that they couldn't keep their relationship a secret indefinitely.  They would have to tell Buffy's family.  But neither of them were in a hurry to drop that bomb, so it kept getting put off farther and farther and farther ...  They had been together nearly eight months and it was still a secret "Wes is going to flip," she said with a groan.

Angel chuckled mirthlessly.  "Trust me, I know," he said.  "He knows that you're seeing somebody, but he can't figure out who and it's driving him nuts.  He talks to me about it all the time, about how he feels hurt that you won't tell him about it and all the while I'm trying not to crawl under the table from guilt."

She frowned.  "You're not making this any easier," she huffed.

"He's my best friend, Buffy," Angel said seriously.  "I'm already worried that our friendship won't survive when he finds out the truth.  It's one thing for you to duck his questions, but I've as good as lied to him for nearly a year."

They broke apart as the clerk began tying the tree to the top of the SUV.  Needless to say, their happy holiday spirit had been dampened considerably.


The following morning Angel woke up in their bed alone.  It didn't happen often, but when it did, he always felt this twinge of something akin to fear, as if he should get used to that feeling.  He didn't want to admit that there was a possibility that he may lose her, but he knew that was a definite chance when they showed up for Christmas Eve dinner that night with her family.  As much as Buffy assured him that the reason she went out on her own was to become independent from her parents and brother, he was worried.  She said she was tired of being babied and wanted to be her own person.  He knew that long before they had become involved.  It didn't, of course, change the fact that she was the baby of the Summers brood and they would not take lightly his stealing of her innocence.

He groaned as he climbed out of bed and slipped on his pajama bottoms.  Every step from the bedroom to the living room made him more determined.  He was not going to bow in defeat tonight.  He was keeping Buffy in his life.  He wasn't going back to those nights when he wondered whether he should take the tramp of the evening to his house or not or the mornings when he had to open his eyes before he spoke to be certain who was beside him.

As he walked into the living room, he heard the light jingling of Christmas music and focused on his lover dressed in a creamy silk nightgown that shimmered over her slight curves.  The room was scattered with cardboard boxes where the ornaments had been before she put them on the tree.  Currently, she was holding the Christmas angel that would decorate the top of the tree and was studying the height carefully.

"Need some help?" he asked, his voice rough with sleep.

"Mmmm, yes," she murmured, turning on her heel.  She tossed the angel back on top of the box at her side and sashayed toward him, smoothing her hands over the silk that covered her.  Angel watched her intently as she approached, suddenly much more awake than he had been.  She bit at his lips, catching his lower lip between her teeth teasingly until he growled and pulled her close, delving into her warm mouth.

With a grunt of satisfaction, he lifted her off of her feet and carried her across to the couch.  She giggled when the boxes that covered his leather couch went tumbling to the floor and were replaced by their writhing bodies.

"Angel," Buffy laughed breathlessly as he kissed down her neck, nibbling at the delicate flesh there.  "You're supposed to help me."

"I am helping," he whispered, tracing the trail of lace that barely covered her breasts with his fingers and then his mouth.  "I plan on helping a lot."

"You're supposed me put the angel on" she moaned, struggling to collect her thoughts while he sucked a silk covered nipple into his mouth.  Simultaneously, she arched underneath him trying to cradle her legs around him, only to find that the narrow lines of the silk nightgown prevented that movement.

"Tree," he answered as he traveled to her other breast.  "See?  Helping."

"Yes," she managed, threading her fingers through his hair, "And I'm making.breakfast.  I have a r-recipe and everything."

"Can't wait," he mouthed against the valley of her breasts.  "Starving," he added, moving further down her body.

"Well, I certainly hope this is what you wanted to tell me because if not, I have to say I'm a bit apprehensive as to what the news could be."  Buffy and Angel both turned sharply at the voice to find a very stern and unhappy Wesley standing in the doorway with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Shit," Angel groaned, sitting up and running his fingers through his hair. He perched on the edge of the couch as Buffy sat up and curled herself up in a semi-fetal ball in an attempt to hide.

"Precisely," Wesley nodded.  He walked through the room and headed for the kitchen with long, certain strides.  "I'm going to make coffee," he announced, "And then I will sit down and talk with the both of you, at which time, I will hope you both are dressed."

"Wes, there's already coff-" Buffy started quietly, only to be interrupted.

"I'll make more," he blurted without meeting her gaze.  "Please, put some clothes on."


Wesley was her older brother, her protector, her role model.  Buffy had absolutely no reason to think that he would ever do her physical harm.  So why was she slinking into the kitchen behind Angel like she was afraid Wes was going to throttle her?

While Buffy reveled in her cowardice, Angel seemed determined to meet the executioner unflinchingly.  Dressed in a threadbare sweatshirt and a pair of well-worn jeans, Angel sat down at the small table.  Somehow, Wesley managed to both ignore him and pour him a cup of coffee at the same time.  Buffy crept around him, her curves now completely obscured by a sexless sweater and jeans ensemble.  As she sat down, Wesley placed a cup of coffee in front of her before finally taking his own seat.

The silence was deafening.  Stoically, Angel sipped at the coffee - which, as much as he hated to admit, was far superior to Buffy's brew.  Wesley seemed content to stare at his own hands as he folded and refolded his paper napkin.  Finally Wesley let out an immense sigh and met both of their gazes.  His vision lighted on Buffy and Angel's intertwined hands and he made a strangled noise, forcing himself to look away.

"Buffy," Wes said, his voice taut with strain, "I know that you are an adult.  I know that I have no right to pry into your personal life, but for God's sake you're my..."

Wes trailed off and grimaced violently, swearing under his breath.  He turned to glare at Angel.  "Goddammit!  She's my baby sister!" he yelled, rising to his feet.  "How could you?  It's one thing for you to sleep with everything that moves, but I thought you had some morals or at the very least common decency.  You're part of our family.  How could you betray us like this?  How could you take my innocent baby sister and turn her into another one of your whores?  I can't - "

Wesley's tirade was cut short when Angel's fist connected with his jaw.  He fell backwards, knocking over his chair and landing unceremoniously in the middle of the floor.  He stared at Angel, dazed.

For his part, Angel didn't remember getting to his feet.  He definitely didn't remember deciding to hit his best friend.  He looked at Wes and swore under his breath, shaking his wrist as he tried to assuage the pain in his aching hand.  He took a deep breath.  "For the record," he stated very loudly and clearly, "I am in love with your sister.  She is not one of my whores, she is my extremely significant other.  And as much as I value our friendship, if you ever insult her like that again, I'll tear your fucking head off."

Things seemed to move in slow motion, as Buffy rose and made her way around her enraged lover to help her brother to his feet.  Her hands were shaking terribly as she helped him up and immediately pulled away in the hopes he wouldn't notice.  She swiped angrily at the hot tears that managed to escape and roll down her cheeks despite her efforts to keep them at bay.

"I knew you would completely lose it over this," Buffy barked at her shaken brother.  Wesley rubbed his jaw and glared down at her.  "You wondered why neither of us told you after eight months?" Buffy continued in frustration, "Well, this is why!"

Angel stepped forward and placed his hands on her shoulders, gently tugging her back until she was leaning against him for support.  Wesley, for the first time since he entered the apartment, watched them closely.  Angel leaned down and whispered something in her ear and she nodded, allowing herself to curl into him even though her brother was watching.

Wesley was stunned.  It was a feat in itself that they had managed to hide the relationship from him not to mention the fact that she was very obviously living there.  All those mornings he had stopped by and found Angel's bedroom door closed, he had no idea that the woman lounging in the shameless black silk bed was none other than his precious baby sister.  All those times he stopped by Buffy's apartment and left notes for her to call him, he had no idea that her worn couch and rabbit ear television were just remaining in an empty room as decoys.

"Well," Wesley ground out, "I suppose I have no choice.  I won't reveal your secret, but you two will have to say something to the family at Christmas Eve dinner tonight."

"We had already planned to," Angel answered, turning himself and Buffy toward the door as Wesley retreated.


"Angel, it's so good to see you," Joyce said warmly and then fell silent as Buffy entered the house on his heels.  Joyce looked from her daughter to the young man who was very nearly a part of her family and suddenly her face lit with a smile.  "I guess it would be silly for you two to come over separately, especially since you live in the same building."

Angel took the presents that Buffy was carrying so she could remove her jacket.  "Uh, yeah," Angel mumbled, "we actually need to talk to you about that."

"About what?" Giles asked, absently, poking his head into the foyer.

"I'm not sure," Joyce replied, turning around to look at her son as he walked up behind Giles.  Wesley's jaw had bruised a vivid purple and was obviously swollen.  She frowned at him in obvious displeasure. "Everyone just seems to be full of secrets tonight."

Giles ignored his wife's comment and turned to look at his daughter.  "Buffy, come and help me with this damned DVD player.  I can't seem to get it connected correctly."

Buffy shot a quick questioning glance to Angel and then shrugged.  "Sure," she said, following her father back into the living room.

"Here, let me take those," Joyce said, scooping the presents out of Angel's arm and scurrying off to place them underneath the tree.

With Joyce gone, it was just Wesley and Angel left staring at each other in the foyer.  Wesley glared.  "Tonight," he mouthed with a pointed look.

"I know," Angel snapped.


The time between dinner and the present opening seemed to crawl.  Angel, Buffy and Wesley were all acting strangely and they knew it showed without glancing at Giles and Joyce's confused faces.  Dinner was polite, but strained and the giving of gifts was not nearly as joyful and jolly as usual.

Giles frowned as he looked over his daughter.  Things had been going so well.  She had been struggling for awhile and avoiding the family in her frustrating attempt at making it on her own, but then everything seemed to fall in place.  She had looked happier and healthier than he had seen her since she was a child.  For the last year, she seemed almost blissful.

Now, he had a feeling that everything was about to blow up in his face.  Wesley and Angel spent the entire night glaring at each other from separate corners, hardly speaking at all and Buffy seemed to have turned into herself, as if she hoped to disappear at any given moment.

When they were all stuffed with food and surrounded by opened gifts, sipping coffee in almost unbearable silence, Angel suddenly stood up.  "I can't stand one more second of this," he mumbled as he rose to his feet.  "Giles, Joyce," he said and then added a grunted "Wesley" at the end.  "You along with Buffy have been the only family I have ever known.  I respect and care for all of you."

Giles and Joyce exchanged looks of confusion as Angel held his hand out to Buffy, silently asking her to join him.  She stood on wobbly legs and made her way towards him from across the room, seeming to struggle with an inner battle with every step.  Finally, she took his hand and threaded her fingers through his.

"Buffy and I have been seeing each other for almost a year now," Angel blurted, trying not to choke on his words, "and I'd like your blessing to marry her."

Buffy nearly gave herself whiplash turning to face Angel.  Her eyes widened with the obvious shock and he squeezed her hand before bringing it to his lips.  It took serious concentration not to pass out or scream.

Giles coughed, choking on his coffee.  Her face blank with shock, Joyce mindlessly took the cup from his hands and patted him on the back.  Once Giles had recovered, he shot a severe look at Angel.  Slowly, rising from his chair, he surveyed the couple in front of him.  "I feel like I'm missing some information here."

"I'm sorry," Angel began.

Buffy silenced him with a look and turned to face her parents.  "I'm the one who should be sorry," she said, looking at her parents and then to Wesley.  "I was so determined to make it on my own, to not accept anyone's help that I backed myself into a corner.  I've cut myself off from you guys when all you wanted to do was protect me."

"It seems Angel has taken care of that," Giles said shortly.

Buffy frowned at her father.  "It wasn't like that," she said seriously.  "Angel was a really great friend.  And when things got to be ... more, he tried to back off.  We both did.  Because we knew you guys would freak."  She looked pointedly at Wesley who wouldn't meet her gaze.

She sighed, squeezing Angel's hand gently.  "We're his family and I can't bear the thought that he could lose all of this because of me, because of some stupid misconceptions.  I'm an adult.  Angel is an adult.  We're in a long-term, committed relationship.  I know it wasn't very adult of us to keep it from you, but in all honesty, given how it's turned out, could you really blame us?"

Slowly, Giles sunk down into his chair.  "No," he admitted, "I suppose I don't blame you."  He took a deep breath and released it.  Reaching over, he took Joyce's hand and looked her in the eye.  She smiled gently at him.  Turning back to face the couple, he said, "Not that you need it, but if you want it, you have my blessing, Angel."

"Thank you," Angel replied calmly, but his muscles were so tense, he was sure he'd sprain his neck if he turned his head too quickly.   He took a deep breath and turned to Wesley.  "Somehow I don't think you will have the same thing to say, Wes," Angel said warily, squeezing Buffy's hand so hard she winced.

"We don't need your blessing either," Buffy said quietly.

"And I would be wise to remember that when I'm choosing my response to this whole.issue?" He asked wryly, "Yes, little sister, you both have made it abundantly clear where I stand in this situation."  He turned his gaze to Angel and stared at him for a long moment before stepping closer.  "I give my blessing," Wesley said slowly, "Of course, I have no more say about it than Father does, but I'll say what he didn't -  Angel, if you break her heart, I'll rip yours out."

"I think you underestimate your sweet little sister," Angel answered with a grin.  He looked down into her bright hazel eyes and caressed her cheek.  "I think I've loved you your whole life," Angel said quietly, "And for a long time I thought there was no chance I would ever be the part of your life that I wanted to be.  Now that I have you, I want to make sure I can keep you."

Taking a deep breath, Angel dropped to one knee.  Gently clasping her hand, he asked, "Buffy Summers, will you marry me?"

A single tear trickled down her cheek.  "Yes."


Buffy smacked his hands away, pinning them to the mattress on either side of his head to prevent him from unbuttoning his own shirt.  "I get to open my present," she declared dictatorially.

Angel chuckled a moment before forcing a mask of seriousness on his face.  "Whatever the lady wants," he said. He left his hands above his head as she diligently unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it open to reveal his muscled chest and stomach.  He laughed again as she murmured "Mmmm..good present." and began nibbling on him like he was a treat.

She helped him out of his shirt and then went to work on his belt buckle.  She glanced up at him underneath her lashes and gave him the coyest little grin as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.  He lifted his hips to help her and waited as she removed his pants, keeping his hands obediently above his head.

A groan escaped from his lips and the amusement on his face was replaced by pleasure when she began caressing him through his silk boxers.  He waited for her to remove them but she didn't.  Instead, she touched and teased him through the material until he was bucking into her hands.

"Buffy," he said, his voice low and strained.

She took pity on him and he was no longer able to keep his arms above his head as he helped her remove the confining material.  He didn't bother to return the favor of undressing her.  The nice, sensible skirt she had worn to the Christmas festivities was hiked up to her waist as he tore away her panties.  She barely had time to plant her hands on his chest and steady herself as he brought her hips down over his and buried himself inside her liquid warmth.

"Angel!" she gasped sharply.

He pushed her sweater up and then pulled it over her head.  The bra clasp wasn't cooperating, so he merely pulled the cups down, baring her breasts to his touch.  He suckled at her breast as he pumped in and out of her body.  His lips sealed around her areola and his teeth bit down on her nipple ever so gently.  Her fingers threaded through his hair as she arched her back, pressing herself against his mouth.

They rolled around on the king size bed as they made love, trading positions of dominance, both giggling and passionate like teenagers.  For so long they had made love with the disapproval of her family hanging over their heads and with the thought that maybe there would be something to keep them apart, but tonight it was as if a great weight had been lifted off of their shoulders.

Buffy, finding herself on top once more, braced her hands on his chest and slammed against him as her orgasm washed over her.  Angel watched in fascination as she threw her head back in pleasure, her mouth slack in ecstasy, her long blonde tresses sliding over her skin with her movements.  Rolling them again, he nibbled at her neck and thought for the millionth time how much he loved the way she trembled around him after release.

He moved harder inside her, staring into her sated hazel eyes as he neared climax.  Her hips moved in concert with his, rising off the bed to meet him, as they slammed against each other.  Just as Angel found his release, just as he tipped over the edge, a voice sounded through the apartment, reaching the lovers in the bedroom.

"Angel? Buffy?  Are you two home?"  Angel buried his face in her neck and counted very slowly to ten before meeting her gaze.

"I'm going to kill your brother," he said, kissing her lightly.

"I was just waiting for you to get off me so I could kill him," she growled back.  Together, they quickly put on their robes and stomped into the living room wearing twin grimaces.  It took Wes a full thirty seconds to realize he was going to have to run.

The End.

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