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Buffy/Angel 'shipper fics.  Series and Stand Alone
(also B/Aus, B/A(us)/other)

Posted 1.22.05.  This is a collection of stories on which I am currently working.  They are not finished.  They are not beta'd and hopefully one day they will be replaced by the finished, final version.

After Effects
A challenge fic set in BtVS Season 4/AtS Season 1.  The Initiative wants to start a structured breeding program using Riley as the Slayer's mate.  They drug her up, but she goes in search of her real mate.

After the End
(R) for allusions to abuse and rape.  B/Aus.  Buffy POV.  Far future.  After the End of Days.  Rather on the fluffy side.  Short.

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men
Dark fic.  AU.  Buffy's a burnout.  Angel's a grad student at UCLA.  Co-written with Tango.

Beyond the Telling of It
Alternate BtVS Season 4.  Buffy is giving up and Angel's not happy about it.

B/Aus.  Alt future piece.  Breaks off after BTVS Season 6, AtS season 3.  Angelus wanted nothing more than to break Buffy.  He had no idea what he was wishing for.  Dark.  Torture, multiple character deaths, bloodplay.

A Cleansing Fire:  An Elseworlds Fic
Total AU, no Slayer, no vamps.  Everyone is human, but it doesn't mean they're not monsters.   After seven years, Buffy and Angel Roarke are in the midst of ending their marriage.

AU Series.  Buffy is a spoiled rich girl with a secret.  Angel is a sorcerer hungry for power.

Dead Ringers
B/A, B/Aus.  Complete alternate universe. all human.   Buffy's in high school, Angel runs the local occult bookstore and has a lot of secrets.

The Details
B/A.  Far, far future set after the end of both series.  A look at the minutiae of Buffy and Angel's life together.

AU Series.  In a world where demons and humans wage open warfare, the vampire Angel has been enlisted to help the Slayer.  DVD commentary tracks are now up.

(PG-13).  Far future.  Breaks off after BtVS Season 4/ AtS Season 1.  Buffy left Sunnydale and married Riley.  Angel stayed in L.A.  Now, almost two decades later, can Buffy's teenage son, Jakob, stop himself from repeating old patterns?
Footsteps smutty epilogue
Exactly what it says.  Adult Epilogue to Footsteps, picks up directly after Footsteps stops.

Set in BtVS Season 4.  After Adam fails miserably, Maggie Walsh finds a new candidate for Project 314.  Unfortunately, Buffy has other plans for this particular vampire.

(PG-13).  Breaks off canon after AtS season 2.  No Connor.  No Buffy back from the dead.  Set several years into the future.  Angel and the team are stuck in an alternate reality trying to find a relic they need.  They get more than they bargained for.

Hard Lesson
(R) for language.  After the battle at the End of Days, Buffy reflects on her relationship with Angel.  POV.  Angst.

Just Across the Hall
co-written with Tango and hosted at her site.  AU.  All human.  Buffy and Angel are neighbors.  He's a cop.  She's a prostitute.

The Lucky Ones
Far future.  Buffy's 40.  Buffy is married.  Buffy has a boyfriend.  Do the math.  Dark.

    The Ongoing Saga of Trixie the Wonderdog and The Vile Creature
    or:  The Pluses and Pitfalls of Bob Barker's Pet Project
    First vignette from The Lucky Ones.  B/A, the dog, the kid.

    Scar Tissue
    LO Vignette.  The Chicago trip that starts everything.

    Lasting Impressions
    LO Vignette.  Picks up right after the scene in the restaurant bathroom.  Written for Red's birthday.

Making the Rent    part1   part2   part3
co-written with Tango.  AU  All human.  Buffy's trying to make it on her own.  Angel is her landlord and a family friend.

Alternate mid BtVS season 5.  Buffy disappeared a year ago.  Angel finds her in a night club.  Series.  Contains A/B/S.

Remember the Time
co-written with tango.  Hosted at her site.  AU.  All human.  Third story in the Smooth Criminal trilogy.  Set 18 years after the end of SC.  Buffy and Angel are both 36.

Far future fic set in 2025.  After two and a half decades of not seeing each other, Buffy and Angel end up in Sunnydale at the same time.  He's a history professor, she runs a gallery.  Everyone has issues.

Smooth Criminal
Co-written with tango, hosted at her site.  AU.  All human. Buffy is the high school princess.  Angel is the high school bad boy.  There is a DVD commentary version of the first two chapters.

Strange Corners
Buffy/Angel/Linsey/Spike series.  Set in alternate Season 6 BTVS, Season 3 AtS.  Buffy didn't die, Lindsey didn't leave L.A.

That Night
AU.  All human.  Buffy and Angel grew up together.  One night changes their lives forever.  Ten years later, they meet again.

There But For The Grace ...
Work In Progress!!!  AU.  Faith had a rough life and look how she turned out.  What if Buffy had been in a similar situation?  There are lots of Slayers and the SITs are trained as a group by the Council.  Written for tango's birthday.  Only the first section is up yet.

375° For 9 to 11 Minutes
(PG-13)  Post Buffy series finale, post AtS Season 4.  Buffy and Angel have a conversation.  .

Through the Looking Glass
AU.  Angelus wasn't the one cursed with a soul, it was William.  He's in Sunnydale.  Starts with alt season 1 Buffy.  This piece is currently undergoing revisions and will be posted as one piece rather than a series when finished.

Unexpected Turns
Aus/B/S  Alternate BtVS Season 2.  PWP.  Spike wanders into his Sire's bedroom and gets a little surprise.

Set in BtVS Season 3.  Buffy is upset that Angel is being evasive. After much pushing, she finds out just how much her unreadable boyfriend actually thinks about her ... and what he does while he's thinking about it.

When the Sun Never Rises
AU Series.  In a world with no sun, vampires are the dominant species, but they need the Slayers to survive.  What happens when Lord Angelus, first lieutenant to The Master, is given the Harker, Buffy Summers, to look after?  Co-written with Tango, hosted at her site.  Epilogue is now finished.

An AU Series that takes place in the world created by Cordelia in the season 3 episode "The Wish."  B/A, S/W, G/Jenny.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and
Angel the Series fics
that are not Buffy/Angel

Save Yourself
Buffy/Connor.  Buffy POV.  Set in Alt BTVS Season 7.  Buffy thinks about her lover.

Scent of a Woman
(Strong R) Buffy and Spike, no smut.  Spike torments the Slayer with knowledge only a vamp would possess.