DHST:  Domesticated Hostile SubTerranean

Vampire.  Enemy.

The year is 2001 and the Slayer is protector of Guardian City, The City.  Largest of the walled human cities, it resides along the western coast of North America, encompassing the Hellmouth.  More than ten million humans call it home and it is built on the indentured labor of thousands of DHSTs.  They are the nameless, faceless masses, known only by identification numbers and devoid of any rights or voice.  They were recruited from the Wastelands, the no man's lands that exist in the areas outside the Council walls.  Victims of the vampiric plagues, human outcasts, demons ... those outside Council protection survive hand to mouth in the harshest of conditions, left to the whims of Varkesh and his demonic hoards.  But inside the Council walls, it is safe, clean, ordered.

But there are murmurings ...  There is unrest ...  Something is coming and the Council is desperate to end it before it begins.  The DHSTs are restless.  There are rumors of massings and traitors.  It falls on the Slayer's shoulders to ferret out the threat.

But she cannot do it alone.

Halo Award Winner for Best Romance Winter 2002

Chapter 1
"Subject V73, This is Your Life"
Chapter 2
"Face to Face"
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
"The Responsibility of Possession
Chapter 5
"A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings"
Chapter 6
"That Which Does Not Kill Us"
Chapter 7
"Under a Darkened Sky"
Chapter 8
"To Sleep Perchance to Dream"
Chapter 9
"Dangerous Sanctuary"
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
"Time Marches On"
Chapter 12
"You Have to Know What to See"
Chapter 13
"Lines in the Sand"
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
"Something Pure and True"
Chapter 16
"My Heart"
Chapter 17
"One Small Comfort"
Chapter 18
"The Whole Wide World"
Chapter 19
"The Witching Hour"
Chapter 20

"From the Ashes"

Dedication:  To Serena and Bella for being the brains of this story and to Trammie for being its heart and soul.

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