Wishverse:  a B/A, S/W story
revised 12.01
This is an Alternate Universe series based on the BTVS episode “The Wish”.
It contains spoilers for BTVS seasons 1-4 and Angel: TS through season 2 episode “Reunion”.
The series is broken into parts that range from PG to NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

    The supposition is this:  What if Cordelia had been granted her wish from a vengeance demon out of her frustration with Angel at the end of the episode “Reunion”.  Also, what if her wish in addition to “I wish Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale” was “I wish Angel’s curse didn’t have the make-me-brood clause”.
    The alternate universe created begins in December 2000.  Cordelia is living in Sunnydale.  As in the episode “The Wish”, Giles, Oz, Larry and Angel are all in Sunnydale as well.  BUT in this series, Cordelia is wounded, but not killed by Vamp Xander and Vamp Willow.  Buffy manages to dust Xander and the Master without getting killed.  Angel doesn’t get dusted.  Vamp Willow escapes.
    Giles does not figure out that Cordelia’s wish created their world and therefore cannot destroy the vengeance demon’s power source to put the world to rights.  Giles is doing research at the library waiting for Buffy, Larry and Oz to return as Cordelia recuperates on his office couch.
    This series picks up as Buffy, Larry and Oz get back to the library to gives Giles the report.

Brave New World   (PG) Cordelia gets her bearings in the Wishverse and the White Hats find Angel.

State of Affairs  (NC-17) Angel recouperates, Cordelia does recon and Buffy's future is decided by the Council.

Stances (R) Buffy returns from England, she and Angel forge a friendship.  Cordy schemes.

Clarification (NC-17) Buffy and Angel's relationship comes to a head.

Discovery (NC-17) Buffy and Angel spend time together ... smutty fun

Newfound Sensations (PG)  Cordy throws a party.  Buffy deals with her new feelings for her friends while Angel deals with his past.

Thick as Thieves (R) Willows plans take shape and fall apart, and Cordy opens her mouth

Alliances (R) Spike's plans are threatened, Angel and Cordelia talk, and Willow gets a rude awakening.

Forward Momentum  (R)  Willow switches tactics, Buffy and Angel make up (and out), Larry gets de-mojo'd.

Lovers:  past, present and future  (NC-17) Buffy and Giles have THE TALK, Spike and Willow shore up thier association, Darla gets answers.

Bonds (NC-17)  Willow and Spike shore up their alliance, a certain gypsy arrives on the scene and B/A get some alone time

Fallout (NC-17)  The morning after ...

Sanctuary (NC-17)  Set outside the main Wishverse timeline.  Three years into the future, Buffy and Angel celebrate Valentine's Day.

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