Posted 1.22.05.
This is a collection of unfinished stories.  Some of them are close to being done, some of them .. not so much.  A few of them are strictly curiosity pieces that were never, ever meant to see the light of day.  The majority of them contain notes I wrote myself about the narrative.  Some of them are incredibly embarrasing, but I'm posting them anyway on the off chance that someone will get, at least, a good laugh out of some of them.

Very, very ROUGH piece.  Sequel to Domestication.  (You have to read Dom or this story will make absolutely no sense).   It's in pieces and needs months of work.

AU  Set in alternate Season 4 BTVS.  Buffy and Faith are Slayers, newly arrived in Sunnydale which has always been The Initiative (and Angel's) town.  Nobody is happy about having to share territory.

My Wasted Heart Will Love You
AU.  All human.  Buffy owns a gallery.  Angel is a top fashion photographer.

Once Upon a Wish
AU.  Alternate BTVS Season 3/4.  Wishverse piece.

Evolution:  An Elseworlds Fic
Oy.  Just ... oy.  AU, all human.  Bad, bad fic.

Worlds Apart
AU.  Set in alternate BTVS Season 6, AtS Season 3.  After Buffy sacrificed herself to save Dawn, the Universe tried to right the wrong.  Time travel piece.

Set during BTVS Season 5 ep "The Replacement".  What if Xander hadn't been Toth's only victim?

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