Resurrection Series

Future fic, set in 2025.  Buffy and Angel have gone their separate ways for twenty-five years when fate throws them together once again. Older and wiser they start a relationship with more obstacles than they could ever imagine.  Story revised and reposted October, 2002.

New Beginnings*
Angel Jacobson is the a new history professor at UC Sunnydale.

Angel tracks down Buffy at work.  They talk, have dinner, certain revelations are made.

Brand New Day*
Angel comes over for Sunday dinner with the family.  smutty goodness.

Finding Home*
Angel moves in, smut, much discussion of prophylactics

Better Left Unsaid
Doctors, Confessions, Angst, Smut ... just read it.

Righting His Wrongs
No smut, lots of talking.  Everyone has issues, especially Spike

Ties that Bind
Buffy and Angel get married, SMUT

Buffy and Angel Adjust to married life, Clarice plays yet another role.

Angel contemplates his past, Dan does something, and another familiar face shows up

Lindsey tries to get to the bottom of things, Buffy and Angel make a touch decision and some progress is made in the research.

Wounds, Old and New
Discoveries abound, smut ensues, plot thickens ... okay, thins actually, but that was sort of necessary.  Itís been clear as mud lately.

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Spells are cast, and a prophecy is revealed

* denotes revised chapters.

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