Possession:  a very dark A/B/S series

This is a dark series centering around Angel, Spike, and Buffy.
The entire series is rated NC-17 for violence, sex, and language.
It contains torture and non-consentual sex.

Note: I *cannot* thank Laure Alexander enough for her invaluable help on this series.  She is such a Goddess!!!!!

The Re-education of William the Bloody
Prologue to the series.  What happened when Angel brought his Boy home?  (S/A nastiness)

Angel finds the missing Slayer and reminders her who she belongs to. (B/A)

Buffy is welcomed home by all. (B/A/S)

His Sire's Childe
Buffy gets a look inside the Sire/Childe bond and learns how it affects her. (B/A/S)

We find out what Buffy was up to while she was missing (B/A)

Testing the Waters
Set about six weeks after Reclamation, Buffy is better, Angel has relaxed, now it's time to see where things stand.  (B/A, B/S)

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