Alternate Universe.  Angelus wasn't the one cursed with a soul, it was William.  Series is currently in re-writes and when finished, will be posted as one long story rather than a series.


William (R for language)
A bit of backstory to set up the series.   Set in Alternate BTVS Season 1.

Calm Before the Storm (PG)
Giles gets a bit of Will's history and Buffy has a showdown.  short.

Confessions (R for language)
Williams toys with Buffy and she doesn't like it.  Apologies, angst and snogging abound.

Big Bad (R)
Angelus shows up in Sunnydale.

Complications (PG)
The Scoobies make plans for Angelus.  Things get tense between Buffy and Will.  More unexpected visitors.

Pauses, Ends and Beginnings(R)
William messes up, the Scoobies test their plan, and an odd bond is formed.

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